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        VideoStudio Ultimate 2020

        VideoStudio Ultimate 2020

        Video & Movie Editing Software

        • New Color grading color wheel
        • New Overlay blending options
        • New Titles from NewBlueFX
        • Enhanced Video masking
        • Video stabilization tools, 6 angle multi-camera editor, and 50+ additional DVD menu templates
        • Hundreds of premium effects
        • Additional formats and support
        VideoStudio Pro 2020

        VideoStudio Pro 2020

        Video Editing Software

        • New Smart movie creator
        • New 4K User interface
        • New LUT profiles
        • Enhanced Painting creator
        • Enhanced Performance and workflow
        • Refreshed Titles, overlays, and transitions

        MotionStudio 3D

        Cool 3D effects, 3D graphics, compositing and particle systems in one complete package.

        Photo Video Bundle Ultimate

        A powerful duo of photo editing and movie-making products