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        VideoStudio Licensing Solutions

        Intuitive video editing. Powerful features. High-quality results.
        Experience the all-in-one editing solution for your visual communications.

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        VideoStudio for Business

        VideoStudio for Business

        VideoStudio delivers all the tools you need to create impressive product demos, sales videos, training materials, and more. Affordably priced with simple deployment and maintenance, VideoStudio can help you grow your business, elevate your marketing, and drive engagement.

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        VideoStudio Pro for Education

        VideoStudio for Education

        VideoStudio’s intuitive editing empowers users at every experience level to explore video editing. Affordably priced with simple deployment and maintenance, VideoStudio equips students with all the tools they need to develop critical skills and deliver quality results.

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        Experience the added value of licensing

        For those who create

        Experience award-winning, intuitive tools that deliver quality results.


        Simplified deployment, management, and maintenance

        Purchasing flexibility

        Purchasing flexibility that fits your needs, adding value and reducing costs